Math Facts

Formula Fun Fact Car Rally

Formula Fun Fact Car Rally elementary math facts programHigh-Octane Math Facts! Better than Rocket Math! More effective than flash cards! Research shows that true mastery of the math facts is an essential precursor to understanding algebra, solving long division problems, and comprehending fractions. But how do you develop automaticity without boring your students to tears? How do you keep “drill and practice” from become “drill and kill”? With Formula Fun Fact Car Rally Race, that’s how! In this proven program, students “race” around the classroom walls in sports cars, jalopies, monster trucks, and more. The otherwise mundane process of practice and testing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts becomes an exciting nitrous-oxide fueled cross-country rally race. It’s kid-tested, supported by research, and relatively easy to set-up and use. Whether teaching second or sixth, you can configure the program to meet your needs. Get started today and give your students the high-octane math boost they need with Formula Fun Fact Car Rally Race! Just click on the cover! Sixty-seven pages.

See Fact Car Rally in action in an actual classroom with this brief instructional video!

To download Excel files for quick configuration of your Fact Car Rally student records, click here: Addition, Subtraction, Times Tables, Multiplication, Division.

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