Whether a classroom teacher, substitute, or administrator, EZSubPlans will provide you with inexpensive, kid-tested plans at the touch of a button. Each set of EZSubPlans includes seven hours of grade-specific lessons designed to make your next absence easy and worry-free.  Classroom teachers wanting to avoid the frustrating and time-consuming process of preparing for an absence and substitute teachers needing back-up material will find everything they need with EZSubPlans. Teachers need only to download, print, and photocopy–-the sub does everything else. Just click on the cover to take a closer look in our storefront at TeachersPayTeachers. Grade level designations are flexible, allowing teaching teams to coordinate their usage of EZSubplans. However, they can be effectively interchanged. For example, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade plans are all suitable to 4th and 5th. For a free preview, just click on a cover.

emergency sub plans 3rd grade emergency sub plans 4th grade emergency lesson plans 4th grade Click on the cover to preview or purchase emergency sub plans for 5th grade emergency lesson plans 5th grade Click on the cover to preview or purchase emergency sub plans for 6th grade emergency lesson plans 6th gradeClick here to preview or purchase emergency lesson plans for 3rd grade

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