Free Stuff

There are a variety of free products available on my storefront at TeachersPayTeachers. Here’s a sampling:

Compare & Contrast Explorers

Compare & Contrast Explorers free downloadThis free comprehension activity allows students to compare and contrast explorers from three eras: Ponce de Leon, Lewis and Clark, and the Apollo 11 astronauts. It’s primarily designed to accompany the three read aloud plays Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth, Lewis and Clark and Bird Girl, and Fly Me to the Moon (all available on my TpT store), but it can also be used independently as a research guide. Teachers can further extend the activities by using the same format to compare other explorers. Two compare and contrast activities are included (basic and advanced) and both come with answer keys.

Focus on Common Core

Focus on Common Core Key Ideas and Details worksheetThis two page activity can be used with any of my read aloud plays from the classic short story series including The Birth-mark, A Retrieved Reformation, Cyclops, The Monkey’s Paw, and others (all available on my TpT store), but you can also use it to compare Key Ideas and Details from most any play or short story. Use it for written response or as discussion starters. It addresses literary devices such as protagonist, mood, symbolism, and more. And it’s FREE.

Using Drama in the Classroom

Click on the cover to download Reader's Theater Teaching Tips for free!Tired of teaching to the test? This four-page, three-part article by National Board Certified teacher and Scholastic playwright Mack Lewis provides tips and strategies to make the most of your reader’s theater or classroom play activities. “Why Use Drama?” reveals the research about how the reader’s theater model builds fluency and comprehension. Use it to defend against all the text-book pushers out there! “There’s More Than One Way to Produce a Play” maps out six performance/production strategies. “The Delicate Nature of Assessing Drama” offers tips on teaching students to self-assess and discuss performance standards in a mature way. Click on the cover to download.

Quick Start Guide to Teaching

“The Quick Start Guide to Teaching”Quick Start Guide to Teaching tips for new teachers provides teaching-candidates and beginning teachers practical information on getting their careers off on the right foot. From fitting in with a new staff to planning for retirement, these valuable tips will help every new teacher find their footing. Save a beginning teacher some grief and a little time by slipping this set of tips in his or her box. Just click, print–and hand it to a beginning educator near you!

3D Nets

FREE 3D Nets print-color-cut-and-foldHere’s a basic set of 3-dimensional figures suitable for grades 3 to 6. Kids get hands-on experience with geometric solids. They simply decorate each net, cut, fold, and glue or tape to create models of space figures. Includes two cubes, a cone, a cylinder, a rectangular prism, and two pyramids. Simple enough to use as a math center, as a homework task, or within your direct instruction. Just click on the image to download.

Perfect Paragraph Sample

Free Perfect Paragraph Sample Writing ActivityStill not ready to invest in Super Sentences & Perfect Paragraphs? Try this sample paragraph-writing activity and then decide if you’d like more. This descriptive paragraph writing task is best suited for grades 4 through 6. It includes a paragraph paste-up in which students unscramble sentences to place them in a structure that follows the Perfect Paragraph formula, as well as a paragraph-writing assignment based on the given model. Just click here to download and use for FREE! (Note: this same activity appears in EZSubPlans 5.1).

Easy Goin’ Art

Easy Goin Art Wacky Road Signs classroom art projectTake a break from the classroom rat race for a little clowning around. There are several Easy Goin’ Art projects available for free download on my TpT storefront including Jack in the Box, Wacky Road Signs, Create a Stamp, and Design a Book Cover. They’re suitable for third through grader and up. Students use the included templates to trace and cut the basic pieces to assemble and design.  You’ll be amazed how they’re able to express themselves by personalizing their creations. Engaging projects and an easy way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the classroom. (Note: These activities appear in EZSubPlans). Check out Easy Goin’ Arts & Crafts activities in our storefront at TeachersPayTeachers.

The Checkbook Project

The Checkbook Project Financial Literacy ProgramThe Checkbook Project pumps life into a classroom the way the stimulus package pumped bucks into GM. It improves test scores, inspires the entrepreneurial spirit, and even turns “thugs” into pussycats. Simply put, it’s a more complex form of “class money” without the bother of handing out Monopoly bucks (which often get lost and stolen). But it’s also much more. It’s a “real world” simulation, an economic infrastructure that promotes work ethic, practical math skills, and financial literacy. These five pages tell how to make it work. To give it that polished look, be sure to download all the FREE reproducible forms such as the tax report, table of credits and debits, desk purchase form, business license, job postings, and more by clicking here. (Note: save ink–download but don’t print the cover.)

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